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What is a Gig Poster ????

The UK Gig Poster Association were pointed out me by Elaenor from We were thinking this was a really straight forward explanation of a gig poster … and is great grist for the mill for anyone planning their Rock Screen Paper 2 Competition piece. See below taken Directly from the UK Gig Poster Association […]


Rock Screen Paper 2 The Print Prize

Create your own Rock N’ Roll Poster Anyone can enter – artists and designers and printers and teams – you can even design and get a printer to work with you. It’s just $25 per entry and the top 40 finalists will be exhibited plus many more prizes. Rock Screen Paper 2 – A Rock […]


Calling all Artists

The hardest thing about being an artist is getting it into perspective. I was watching a brilliant doco last month about a quarterback in the U.S. and he said this one statement. His statement is the key to procrastination and perfectionism that kills your art productivity. He was in this amazing position of having played […]


Pixel Animal

I love art …. and as much as I like hand made and hand printed – I also love inspiration. Meet – Hal Lasko – Pixel Painter   I remember hearing this phrase when I was young: “Do what you love and, you’ll never work a day in your life.”   It seemed quite reasonable. You […]


The Print Project …

I found this on the ‘Isle of Printing’ (Nashville) Blog. The Isle of Printing are the coolest printers … in the world … at least in Nashville they are the coolest printers in the world. They only really had this video to look at. It’s that good.  


Stencil Art Prize

Formerly The Australian Stencil Art Prize – we love these guys & girls We print their shirts every year in a favourite style of mine where we get all the artists names and run them down the back like tour dates – mega powerful. Every year we do a peoples choice for the T-shirt design […]


Print Edition + Seaton Mckeon

Seaton Mckeon and Steve Woods of Print Edition have been working for months on a new project based on ‘How far can we take a screen print apparatus’. We were wanting something anyone could print with that would never need maintenance and would look great in your house just as an item of art. Throughout […]


Maton – Hand Made Guitars

Maton Guitars are made in Australia. I saw a doco last night on the ABC and am getting this unfolding story of a person that made something well and things progressed from there. This clip below is from Monster Children in Sydney a surf cult mag that is into anything cool and relevant in youth […]


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