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Fast Quote / Order Info & Ideas

This is the fast Quote / Order Page (POST) – We are after the sort of info below in the red section – and there are a few FAQs down the bottom as well. Please note : Our minimums are 20 pieces of the same design. We can print 10 with a surcharge if you are wanting […]


Entrepreneurs / Intellectual Property 4 Brands

This is easily the coolest clip I’ve seen in the entrepreneur space for 5 years. It’s not about prints or posters or T-shirts but more about the value of your brand. As I love brands and Bands and start-ups and enterprise in general – this is something I’d love to show people.


Intellectual Property / Enterprise

This one is strickly for the entrepreneurs in the room. This is Darren Shirlaw – he’s not talking ink or print or poster or Tees – but he is talking creativity / profile / product and finance. Watch this with your brand in mind. Easily the most outstanding talk on value in a business I’ve […]


Intellectual Property

This is a great subject – I’ve written about this from time to time. I think I like to challenge the corporations and how much they own but champion individuals and their art. This video is all about what your IP is worth and ways to really take hold of it. Maybe it’s not really […]


Motorcycles by Shinya Kimura

This is the first video we ever posted on the old site.   Following the pursuit of hand made authenticity.


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