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Mambo Vs Deus Vs the World

    A STORY OF ART –  In every country there is a different cultural value that resonates with enough people for the people of that country to endorse it as their own – normally delivered in an aesthetic that is a viable vehicle to make it sustainable. Osklen in Brazil, The Hundreds or Shepard […]


The White Rabbit Gallery

When in Sydney … this is certainly a premier gallery of extremely contemporary art. The White Rabbit Gallery opened in 2009 to showcase what has become one of the world’s most significant collections of Chinese contemporary art. Dedicated to works made in the 21st century, the White Rabbit Collection is owned by Judith Neilson, who […]

Film positives and layouts


5 MINUTE DIY INTRO OK -this post is about how you can create your art through screenprint without spending $4k on equipment. It’s built on the idea that your art need not be restricted by $ at the start but as you grow getting set-up properly and knowing what you are doing will be well worth […]


Adapt or Die – Charbel Zeiter

This is a talk from Charbel Zeiter from Velvet Onion. Hosted by AGDA (Australian Graphic designers Association) – The talk itself was from Vivid 2014     This is the future of thought around education in design but all encompassing world thinking in a new global sphere. Charbel had a piece in Rock Screen Paper […]


Intellectual Property

This is a great subject – I’ve written about this from time to time. I think I like to challenge the corporations and how much they own but champion individuals and their art. This video is all about what your IP is worth and ways to really take hold of it. Maybe it’s not really […]


What is a Gig Poster ????

The UK Gig Poster Association were pointed out me by Elaenor from We were thinking this was a really straight forward explanation of a gig poster … and is great grist for the mill for anyone planning their Rock Screen Paper 2 Competition piece. See below taken Directly from the UK Gig Poster Association […]


Calling all Artists

The hardest thing about being an artist is getting it into perspective. I was watching a brilliant doco last month about a quarterback in the U.S. and he said this one statement. His statement is the key to procrastination and perfectionism that kills your art productivity. He was in this amazing position of having played […]


Pixel Animal

I love art …. and as much as I like hand made and hand printed – I also love inspiration. Meet – Hal Lasko – Pixel Painter   I remember hearing this phrase when I was young: “Do what you love and, you’ll never work a day in your life.”   It seemed quite reasonable. You […]


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