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Motorcycles by Shinya Kimura

This is the first video we ever posted on the old site.   Following the pursuit of hand made authenticity.


Rock Screen Paper 2 – A Rock N’ Roll Competition & Exhibition

In 2013 we did an exhibition called Rock Screen Paper based on the idea of artists and designers hand printing their own posters. It worked so well we thought we’d do it again. As a print prize. This post is being written as we are announcing the finalists so I can say that this year […]


Maton – Hand Made Guitars

Maton Guitars are made in Australia. I saw a doco last night on the ABC and am getting this unfolding story of a person that made something well and things progressed from there. This clip below is from Monster Children in Sydney a surf cult mag that is into anything cool and relevant in youth […]


Finish the work …

All forms of design are morphing right now. Architects, fashion designers, writers – everyone is searching for authenticity. Authenticity I think comes from resolution of your idea and ideal. I saw a clip this morning and it resonates with me now watching this clip. The lady is a motivational coach. Middle aged, overwieght – not […]


Men of Signs & Signwriting …

  I did this as a kid – I did my work experience with a guy Paul Smith in Bathurst and learned under him as a student at TAFE learning showcard and ticket writing. Perfect type with a brush –   When these guys talk about their peers having a visual impact on the city […]


The Local Branch – Travelling the U.S. … handmade

What do you think of the Kickstarter  idea … for people like these guys touring the U.S. talking to people in a chilled artisan way making their wares and selling them in a way that reflects the values of the 40’s but has it’s communications and brand savvy of 2015. To the entrepreneurs of the […]


Alchemy – Weapons – Handmade

  I believe strongly in the term – River Jumping – where you take inspiration or skills and apply them from one subject to another. I particularly like screen printing as our application can almost suit any trade or skill or can enhance process. Eg. The motorcycle builder can print his leather jacket or the […]



Moving Hearts & Minds through depth of field and immersion with their art – showing process. The exhibition is not so much inspired by great artists or styles but mainly with a handful of artists that can affect the viewer with their work. To move an individual ‘The Affectors’. A few friends in here which […]


I can make it = you can make it.


Le Noir – Hendrix Print for Rock Screen Paper Exhibition

Long Live Hendrix – Long Live Rock n’ Roll  


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