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 Print Edition can shoot your screen/s and send it anywhere!

If you are in the U.S. try ‘Grow Your Own Media’ in L.A. or Anthem Screen Printing.

Go through the detail below and send us your image and we’ll send you back the screen you need to print.

Halftone / vector or CMYK we can produce your film.

My advice: When choosing a screen size, print your art out onto paper and hold it on your shirt (or whatever) in the mirror and make sure it looks right – From there choose a screen with enough room top and bottom of the design for ink as it needs to be practical to give you room to print well.

*When you read these sizes – keep in mind that screens measurements mean the outside frame measurements.



1. What size screen do you want?

• 290mm x 320mm will print A5 (43T only)
• 500mm x 600mm will print an A4 easily or an A3 with more experience
• 590mm x 790mm will print an A3 easily or an A2 with more experience
• 690mm x 960mm will print A2 easily or print A1 with more experience (90T / 100T only)


2. What Mesh count/size do you want?

• 43T for most textile / t-shirt work including Opaque inks (whites on blacks + similar) has good detail and is great for most Tee graphics and will also do an OK halftone.

• 62T  for more detailed prints on textile / t-shirts and especially good for halftones print runs

• 90T / 100T” for prints on paper



L to R – 690mm x 790mm screen / 500mm x 600mm screen


Buy a screen

• 290mm x 320mm screen
43T – $36.15
• 500mm x 600mm screen
43T – $59.40 / 62T – $63.00 / 90T – $70.95 /100T – $72.95

• 590mm x 790mm screen                                                         43T – $63.90 / 62T – $68.90 / 90T – $67.70

• 650mm x 950mm screen
43T – $85.50/ 90T  – $157

• 100cm x 100cm 1/2 Yardage Screen 43T – $180

Exposure Services

Film Positives

We print industry quality film / acetates – Small $20 / A4 $30 / A3 $35 / A2 $40/ larger on request.
There is really cheap versions of these though that can usually work well for one colour prints – if you can find them (Try Office works) you can send them to us in the post …. yeah really.


Screen Exposure

• 290mm x 320mm screen $20.00
• 500mm x 600mm screen $30.00
• 590mm x 790mm screen $35.00
• 690mm x 960mm screen $45.00


Strip/re-claim screens

We can strip your old image off your screen to re-shoot another image. Normal emulsion strip is $10 / OR – radical surgery includes dried ink and 5 year old over baked emulsions – including de-haze treatment (none of which is guaranteed on really badly maintained screens) $20


Do you want fries with that – (or a squeegee ?)



20cm wide to suit 290mm x 320mm screen – $24.05
38cm wide to suit 500mm x 600mm screen – $29.85
46cm wide to suit 590mm x 790mm screen – $36.70
52cm wide to suit 650×950 screen – $42.90/ 58cm to suit larger screens – $47.85


Home Delivered?

$20-$40 anywhere in Australia (depending on weight, size) – excluding W.A. & N.T. as we need to get quotes ourselves.

How to supply art to us/ Specs?

See the Print Specs page for how to prep your image before sending.
We use the same equipment as above when we print!


Using the info above you can place your order by emailing us at – info (at)
We’ll send an Invoice for payment or you can call for C/Card payments over the phone
Include your phone number and we can call you to do Credit Card over the phone or send a PayPal Invoice
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