Calling all Artists

The hardest thing about being an artist is getting it into perspective.

I was watching a brilliant doco last month about a quarterback in the U.S. and he said this one statement.

His statement is the key to procrastination and perfectionism that kills your art productivity.

He was in this amazing position of having played 3 Superbowls and losing 3 Superbowls – the biggest prize in his game and his lifelong goal.

His words that moved me so much were this –

“Everytime I pick up a ball, I’m in the game. Every good pass and every bad pass was part of that game. Every touch down, every victory and every defeat. Every injury and every ounce of sweat and pain was all part of the game.

Now if I never win the Superbowl, in 10 years I will be another good player selling insurance.
But if I win one Superbowl,


Every pass good and bad – every triumph and every defeat goes into the Hall Of Fame.
There is no other way into the Hall Of Fame!” 


Think about that – it’s all those little pieces that make the Champion.


Everytime you pick up a pencil – you’re in the game.

Ask for forgiveness – not permission – don’t wait till everything is perfect – just draw.



He went on to win 4 superbowls.

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