Film positives and layouts



OK -this post is about how you can create your art through screenprint without spending $4k on equipment.

It’s built on the idea that your art need not be restricted by $ at the start but as you grow getting set-up properly and knowing what you are doing will be well worth it.

At the early stages we suggest a class or 2 – mainly our class as we make it real and it’s about producing real product so you can sell your work and grow.

Also at the early stages we want people to explore exposing screens in the sun or paying someone to shoot screens for you so you don’t need to buy exposure or film equipment.

We also freely promote waterbased inks as it allows you to print at home and wash up with no harsh chemicals in your house or studio so it dosen’t freak out the dog or stink out your house.

Our classes are built on the idea (feel free to steal this) of one colour – therefore we get people working out how many colours they really need to achieve an idea as a designer would resolve an idea to it’s minimum execution. from here you add colours to greater effect. I personally like to start with one and think of three as my key image / mood and possible highlight.

I also like 62T (AUS) 150T (U.S.) mesh screens as I can print almost anything through them to great effect. So I can print a halftone or a really fine line or I can print a supercover waterbased piece with a flash or 2 or even use the same screen for a couple of posters. This is not always recommended when you are a professional outfit as you’d buy screens to suit jobs but when you start out – this is exactly what you need. More capability + less spend = more leverage on your art.

The next thing is – get a shop going so people can buy your stuff. WordPress is great and you can get free buttons out of PayPal to create a payment gateway.

Then get famous – start going in comps – exhibiting – posting … look around for comps that will give you bios and backlinks … look for exhibitions that have people going to them – to get recognised for your style you need 1000’s of eyes on your work.

Film positives and layouts


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