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This is the fast Quote / Order Page (POST) – We are after the sort of info below in the red section – and there are a few FAQs down the bottom as well.

Please note : Our minimums are 20 pieces of the same design. We can print 10 with a surcharge if you are wanting to print for a film, TV or a photoshoot.

Your Name –

Phone Number – 

Job Name – 

What sort of garment are you printing on (T-shirt / Polos / Hoodies / Tea Towels) – 

Do you have your own items to print on or do you want us to source them from our regular suppliers? – 

You can see a good idea of different products on the DIY Pricing page – here

How many pieces –

What colour are your shirts / items – 

How many colours in your design – 

Do you want front and back or sleeves printed – 

Do you have art ready?

Do you need delivery?



Can I print the same design across mens and womens shirts ?

A- Yep – provided it;’s a size that fits. (Use a ruler to measure but generally 28 – 30cm wide is a size that fits all)

Can you print photographic work?

A- Yep – it’s not super photo if you are looking from 5cm away but is very cool when you look at it like it was on a T-shirt from 50cm – 1m away, just like anything Billabong do.

What other inks can you print?

A- Metallics, Flouro, Glo in the dark – depending on the size of the graphics surcharges apply

Do you print Digital T-shirts?

A- We do waterbased digital printing with a minimum 20 pieces of the same design and tee style and 10 working days turn around from artwork approval.

Do you do Embroidery?

A- We do Embroidery with a minimum of 20 pieces per design and garment style with 10 working days turn around from artwork approval.

What about Hi Vis – can you print on it?

A- Yep – or embroider super reflective thread.


Any other questions – put them in your email to us – Don’t forget to send us your artwork!





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