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Beer by Young Henrys in Newtown Sydney – T-Shirts by Arcade

Young Henrys is situated in the heart of thriving Newtown surrounded by street art, creative industries and alternative culture. The state of the art, natural gas driven DME brewery produces ales, lagers and ciders of extraordinary quality. Along with the best quality ingredients sourced from Australia and around the world, the true source of flavour is experience, passion and the daring to do something a little different. These guys are doing all these things, innovation, dedication to real methods and ingredients, original recipes and stepping up.

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The ‘Smooth Cone  Consumer’ T-Shirt

Expertly designed – diligent to the product and town – Buy them at the Bar at Young Henrys


Young Henrys is an eclectic group of passionate brewers and hospitality veterans who have united for the love and good of beer. We have countless years of experience in brewing, pulling beers and of course, drinking them. Our combined palates are unique and imaginative but always with a nod to old-style techniques and values


Brew lovers – check the videos on this page – http://www.younghenrys.com/our-beers/


The Young Henrys ‘Serve The People’ T – also at the bar.


Opening hours are Mon to Fri: 8-5pm, Sat: 9-12pm.


Richard Adamson
Head Brewer
Richard’s brews have been downed at BBQs across Australia, pubs in London, bars from New York to Los Angeles, nightclubs in St Petersburg and pool halls in Beijing. Having established Barons Brewing’s core range of beers, including the innovative Native Range, Richard’s passion is to bring the whole beer experience to new and old drinkers through Young Henrys.

Richard’s Black Wattle Ale, the first beer to be brewed using Australian native ingredients, was awarded Best In Class in its very first outing at the Australian International Beer Awards (AIBA) and more recently was voted Most Popular Beer of the JD Wetherspoon Real Ale festival by the patrons of their 717 pubs across Britain. Having taken that award two years running, Richard has also been award over 40 medals for his beers in international competitions.


76 Wilford St. Newtown, NSW



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