Day 1 December 1 – 2013 – OPEN THE DOOR – Why us + Why you

Welcome to Print Edition

Print Edition is being created here for members to learn about Screen Print either as a way to illustrate their art or as a bridge to develop their art or as a way to make their art & Design into a product to sell.

Made for designers of all persuasions be it Graphic Designers, Illustrators, Fine Artists, Homewares Designers, Fashion Designers or whatever your particular take or style is. Print Edition is in the business of showing you screen printing as it relates to your art as a bridge between concept art or lost or stagnant art into real items whether they be for sale or personal achievement.

My name is Stephen Woods and I want to teach this skill to you.

Our world at Print Edition is based on 4 fundamental drivers.

Print Edition is made for anyone – anywhere in the world.

Print Edition is environenmtally driven and teaches the use of Professional Water based inks that you can wash up at home in water safely around kids and pets or equally as a small business or as a sideline in a business while delivering exceptional professional quality results.

Print Edition is built from years of cross culture experience – so we think about things like equipment and methods from an accessible point of view of how we can help you print knowing what’s needed and filling any gaps in the process for you so you can actually apply yourself to your art. So things like heat curing finished textile prints on T-shirts or cushions or such while may be a challenge – we see as a mission to help you find a solution near you or with household or community items. Things like shooting screens that require equipment can be handled by us via post until you are ready to upscale yourself or we teach you what to ask a local screen printer who may expose screens for you. 

We are multi-channel thinkers. I love marketing so I love helping people create a product as I grew with businesses created on kitchen tables and serving behind counters in corner stores along with multiple after school jobs on milk runs or lawn mowing. I was then an Apprentice Fitter Machinist in a company that made Locomotives – after that I was a Baker and Pastry Cook semi-famous for Occasion Breads and Cakes and Danish Pastries owning 2 large Bakeries in Australia. I have always been an Illustrator and have a Degree in Visual Communications from Swinburne University and studied Graphic Design at Billy Blue School of Graphic Design in Sydney. I ran my own small studio called BrandZoo for a time and designed several notable Surf Stores and album covers as well as loads of run of the mill graphic work. I’ve studied Copywriting and love the complex medium of Production Design and have a couple of credits for Production Design on 2 Documentaries made for FOX Television.

Many times over the years we’ve been told to only tell the Screen Printing  stories to give our brand credibility. I think the fact that we have so many different ways of thinking is what makes us better than career Screen Printers. I work with some of the best in the business and love it but I can also see it from outside and think around a problem from another perspective and that’s what makes the difference. 

In Screen Printing we started and operated Screenhaus for 6 years printing mainly repeat pattern yardage fabrics for fashion and furnishings. We then started Arcade Screen Printing as a way for us to engage more with street culture and also to see that different side of Screen Printing that wasn’t so serious. So we print everything from silk mini skirts for Fashion Week to cushions for home wares brands, Props for film and TV, T-shirts for Street brands or promotional t-shirts for anything from Jack Daniels to the local Gym.


We are known for repeat patterns, waterbased inks, large scale printing and custom applications. 

It’s here we started teaching!

Why is this important you ask!

And rightly so!

It’s important for one reason!

I see that you are a Designer or Nurse or Illustrator or whatever and you have this art in you. So I am here to open that door. Because I come from many trades and schools of thought I feel no need to protect key “Screen Printing’ information or hold back that which will help. I see it from outside as you do and I have been through the process of learning it myself.

The way I see it – ‘All you need is an idea’ – the rest is teachable and doable. When we get those ideas out – all you need is a screen + Squeegee + ink.

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We are the door – Welcome to Print Edition

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