Intro Vid – who what why + how!

What would you like to do if you knew how to screen print?

What would you make? T-shirts or Posters or a full on homewares brand. We’ve taught everyone from Photographers doing exhibitions to band merch people to guys printing surfboards.

It could be an avenue for a new business?

Or an avenue to show your art?

Or just a creative outlet? We’ve had people come to us that have started businesses and some are really big now – I find there is always so much in the pie and you create your own business where others are saying it’s hard you create the energy and you fill the void with product or art or words or services.


Screen printing at it’s greatest is a bridge for all art for all sorts of reasons. Maybe not as serious as being an architect but who says it has to be.

One of the coolest things about printing is you get to chill with other designers all the time – and make art.

Welcome to the world of screen printing.

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