Learn to Print

Print Edition is here to teach waterbased printing to artists and designers of all kinds. We want you to understand the art of translation of your piece into a piece that can be multiplied and made into a commercial but still authentic artist created hand made art.

Film positives and layouts

Exploring ideas to create a product

We’ve taught our ‘Start-Up (Bootcamp) to hundreds of people and our Beginners design and software class, multi colour illustration to print and our yardage specialty class on average twice a year. There’s only really 3 or 4 of us here so we develop classes as we go due to demand.

Keep an eye out – we have alot to do with our latest exhibitions coming up but are working slowly on them all.
Our main idea is we want to get people going through the Start-Up Class so everyone has real references from which to learn more.


1* Graphics discussion – types of graphic creation

2* Graphic output – translating images to screenprint

3* Film output – RIP programs – types of films

4* Screen selection – inks characteristics / substrate characteristics

5* Coating a screen with Photographic Emulsion – also stripping of a screen of it’s original emulsion

6* Screen exposure – putting your image from your film onto the screen – including sun & lamop exposures –       theory of multi-colour registration.

7* Screen preparation – Spotting (Time permitting) taping – what to look for – preppping your screen.

8* Inks – Colours and t-shirt or paper selection

9* Apparatus selection – Choosing the best machine / rig to deliver practical application for you after class.

10* Registration – bringing it all together – the relationship between rig, plattern, T-shirt (or poster or whatever)

11* Print – learn the print process – process your piece an dwatch other people creating their variation

12* Heat-set – curing of your product for professional market washability + discussion on further and alternate processes.


Our goal is to create printers. We want to inspire in you a method to take your ideas to reality using the method of screen printing.

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One Day start-up Class

Where we take you from completely new through to print your art on your t-shirt or poster in one day using real photographic stencil processes and waterbased inks you cann go on to use safely at home for professional results.
Two Colour One Day Class

The level of this class is intermediate and you must have done our one colour class to qualify and be able to work towards setting up 2 colour artwork. We recommend you bring your own (or buy) screens to be able to take home working screens from the class. Limit of 3 people with sell out mega quick.
4 Month Online Print & Brand Maker Course

A course designed for people who have an idea for a print based brand whether that be T-shirts or cushions or curtains or posters or whatever. Designed to nurture your art style through the translation to print to product to market. Driven by Steve Woods who is the principle printer at Screenhaus, Arcade and Print Edition, Steve also holds a degree in Visual Communications and has operated 5 businesses of his own.

If you’d like to get in the conversation about this course – you can register your interest here.