Maton – Hand Made Guitars

Maton Guitars are made in Australia.

I saw a doco last night on the ABC and am getting this unfolding story of a person that made something well and things progressed from there. This clip below is from Monster Children in Sydney a surf cult mag that is into anything cool and relevant in youth (+ alot of surf) culture. The clip below though has a bit of crap at the beginning but then get’s into real old footage of making guitars.

These guitars are now a full on export item – loads going into China at $5 – $15k a pop.

Under that is a clip from Tommy Emanuel – I never quite got his style – I always remember him playing literally Beethoven or amazing complex country music where I wanted to hear Pearl Jam – but you can’t argue his music pedigree or that he is one of the best guitar players in Australia.

Long Live Hand Made.

Handmade: Maton from Monster Children on Vimeo.


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