Men of Signs & Signwriting …


I did this as a kid – I did my work experience with a guy Paul Smith in Bathurst and learned under him as a student at TAFE learning showcard and ticket writing.

Perfect type with a brush –


When these guys talk about their peers having a visual impact on the city – I think of Paul. As we lived in Bathurst it was a big town but was always accentuated by twice a year when 50 thousand racers would land in our city and all the signage that would demand.

I remember him climbing up a ladder painting the John Player Special Bridge across Conrod Straight with perfect form copying off a packet of John Player Special Cigarettes he had in his left hand.

Equally as astonishing I watched him writing in reverse perfect helvetica on the inside of a jewellers window as the jeweller was telling him what to write  – in gold – with a drop shadow.



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