New Book – ’10Steps to Waterbased Screen Printing at Home’ Professional Prints for Start-Up Enterprises.


New upcoming Kindle book by Steve Woods – coming soon to Kindle.


Based of our ‘Start-Up print Course’ with further journeys into multi-colour, photographic, inks handling and colour theory – this is a must for those wanting to get a head start in waterbased printing at home.

The 3 keys to our thinking is this – 

Use super environmentally friendly but professional finished product inks and wash-up so you can work very safely at home.
We totally endorse (un-paid) Permaset Waterbased Inks – they are world class (organic) and available world wide. We have used nothing but these inks for 7 years now.

Buy equipment only as you expand.
We can produce your films from images sent to us via email and send the screens out to you already exposed. When you are ready you can buy the equipment. Our system means you need a table and a screen and a squeegee, ink and water.

We will teach you what works.
We are designers and printers and teachers – we want you to be successful – we want you making your mark wherever you are in the world. We will save you years of trial and error and costly mistakes and we will tell you what works and offer ongoing education so you can expand when you are ready for more complex work or go full professional.


That is what is in this book.

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