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THE BIG SPLIT …. this is a really big thing over here at Print Edition – we have now started to stand on our own away from Arcade – mostly by promoting the POP SCREEN TEE Taran-Tee-No Exhibitions solely through Print Edition  …. now Print Edition is getting known for classes & exhibitions and Arcade can be an example of going out and starting a business in screen printing commission work for people while Print Edition can focus on teaching people to print and generally enjoying that skill and creating something out of that.

One of the crazy things we try to teach people here is that art can be part of your work life. We invented the Arcade business 4 years ago – it prints T-shirts and apparel for people, brands and the Design industry in general …. we’re currently building a new website for that bringing it back to a DOT. AU status as it’s very Australia centric and very production centric – it’s still a work in progress but is driven by the idea that the site is 100% portfolio driven – check it out –
.S. This is n’t the only other brand we’ve built here either – we’ll tell you more as time goes on – it’s all about picking a niche market and working out what that customer wants and how that fits with your style. We want to use these to show printers different business ideas and products you can vreate with print …. there are so many.

We are also rebuilding this site you are on …. now we’ve finally worked how to use the blog we can really start posting some interesting stuff for you.

From here we want to perfect the 4 Hacks Poster and and work out how to give it to you and finish the ‘How to Print Waterbased Inks’ E-Book’ among expanding Print Classes Online’.

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New Taran*Tee*No Sign out front of Arcade Screen Printing

Outside Print Edition with 2 artists from Rock Screen Paper 2 during in the Night Garden Event

Sales piece for Print Edition


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