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I love art …. and as much as I like hand made and hand printed – I also love inspiration.

Meet – Hal Lasko – Pixel Painter


I remember hearing this phrase when I was young: “Do what you love and, you’ll never work a day in your life.”


It seemed quite reasonable. You see, I had a daily example of this with my Dad.

When he was four years old, he dragged a stick in the dirt behind his bike. When asked what he was doing, he informed everyone that he was a wheat farmer. That was all he ever wanted to be.

And, so he was, for the best part of 60 years. Through droughts, fires, floods, low prices and high, my Dad was a wheat farmer. The hours he worked were immense, sometimes more than 20 a day, just to make the business thrive. But, he never felt he worked because, he loved what he was doing.

So, when I found this video, it reminded me of my Dad. And, it reminded me that every entrepreneur needs good examples of others working with passion to inspire them.

Met Hal Lasko. He’s almost 98 and used to a typographer. That is, he made fonts by hand. He always had clients and, had to do what they asked. When he retired, his grandson showed him Microsoft Paint.

He no longer had to make clients happy, he only had to follow his passion. He finally got to do what he really wanted to do.

Now, he creates pixel art. They are amazingly detailed pieces of art because, this is his passion. At 98, he is suffering from macular degeneration, but he is as creative as ever. Every day, he spends up to eight hours creating his art.

He now sells prints of his art online.

Having a passion and, finding a way to follow it and turn ideas into reality, is at the heart of every artist and, every entrepreneur.

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