Print Sessions

This is how Print Sessions work.

Print Sessions are open to people who have done our class or those that do an orientation class that have had prior print experience.

Print Sessions are made so that people that do our class can have another print day to hone their skills and do a possible print run of posters or tees or whatever similar to their print class.

AND – it’s also for people that have done our class and are therefore familiar with our space but want to use our space and facilities like exposure unit / heat tunnel / carousels etc.
These people that are creating product for markets etc provide their own screens and squeegees and inks for commercial volumes.


As we are sponsored by Permaset Inks you are welcome to use inks supplied for small print runs of 10 or so pieces in inks we have in stock.

We are currently doing the first and third Thursday night of the month from 6 – 10pm.

You can book a 2 hour spot from  6-8pm or 8 – 10pm each night or both.

If you have prior learning you can come and do a class where you bring your own screen and squeegee and pay $150 instead of the $200 for a new participant.

If you feel that you are all over this stuff and don’t need our class as you are already a printer but wish to use our space then you need to come in and do a $60 / 1 hr orientation during a print session – please book via email


PRICES – prices are $20 to use a machine or carousel or table per hour + $10 to expose a screen

If you are a class participant you need to tell us in class and we will keep your screen up for the next session, if you are a long term printer with us you need to email info (at) and book your spot – mostly so we know you are coming.

After your first session you need to bring your own screen and squeegees


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