At Print Edition we love art and printing – different subjects in this dropdown menu will help you progress with ideas and making your product.

Things like Print Specs will help you create better art for printing or for sending to a printer to print for you.

We are also working on a base T-shirt comparison page or pdf which will help you choose better base products which will grow as we find more time and industry no-doubt will want to comment.

Waterbased Inks – the tricks or the trade will also be a crowd pleaser – You will be able to read this section and get really sorted very fast. Waterbased becomes very simple once you know the parameters of how to mix and how to handle.

Mixing Colours – three systems … this will sort alot of little questions you may have around ink recipes and how you can make better use of the bases presented to you by Permaset / Permaprint Premium for home and DIY uses and their alternative colour mixing system for PMS System Matching.


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