Rock Screen Paper 1

In June of 2013 we held an exhibition – 

ROCK SCREEN PAPER – A Rock N’ Roll Print Exhibition
20 Invited Artist / Illustrator / Designers, 60 new pieces + one Rock N’ Roll Band called ‘Bruce’

24 cases of ‘Tiger Beer’ + 24 cases of ‘Running With Bulls’ red & white wines + 350 people + a dog

Named one day in a pub in Newtown with Blair Sayer and Steve Woods – Rock, Screen ,Paper – A Rock N’ Roll Print Exhibition was born and galvanised by the event poster by Blair Sayer and Ben Brown.



A piece by Sindy Sinn for the Exhibition.


Lets do that again.

See Rock Screen Paper – Press Release 2013

To see the bio’s of artists from RSP1 – Click here


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