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A Rock N’ Roll Print Prize

Open to Illustrator Hand Printers or collaborative teams of 1 or more.

First Prize $2000
Entry $25 per Individual Entry

Entries Close 12th May – The Top 40 Entries will be exhibited at the Exhibition on Friday Night 7.30pm May 30th & Saturday 10am – 10pm May 31st 2014

More categories and Prizes to be announced!


The Rock N’ Print Prize is about anything inspired by Rock & Roll Music & the Rock Poster Movement but also anything that inspires you in Rock N’ Roll art.

Judging Criteria –  Judges are from Illustration, Design, Art, Music and Print backgrounds. We are looking for the poster/s that say Rock N’ Roll the best. With the deliberate different backgrounds of the judges we are looking for great art pieces. Not a technically perfect piece. Punk was not considered Rock N’ Roll until it saved Rock N’ Roll and it’s a long way to Nirvana or Elvis Presley from there – but it’s the Music and the movement that changed the world – let’s see the interpretations as you really see it.

Genre – It must be printed by hand or semi automatic clam shell machine – no offsett / digital or automatic mass output machinery.

The Event – Open to anyone the Rock, Screen, Paper Print Prize is the first Competition of it’s kind in Australia.

Solo act or Band (collaboration) – Entries can be from one person as Designer + Printer or teams of 2 where there is a Designer / Artist and a Printer.



EXHIBITION OPENING Night 30th May + OPEN Saturday 10am – 10pm


The Rules

Entries are for hand printed posters. This means a hand operated squeegee.

All entries are sizes from A3 – A2 or B2 to be trimmed to A2 and should be an edition of some kind or atleast 5. The Rock, Screen, Paper Print Prize will keep one original sent to show in the ongoing Exhibition. The top 20-40 finalists will be invited to sell more copies of their work at the exhibition and after it – although not mandatory.

An  A3 piece of paper is 2 x A4 page while a B2 piece of paper is basically an oversize A2 which can be framed as an A2

A piece can be as many colours as you like – many people work and print in one colour and some need 5 colours but it’s entirely up to you.

Sponsored by Permaset – Ink Packs of extreme value are available to entrants + also printers printing for people although not mandatory.

Finalists entries will be sent or Delivered to the Arcade Screen Printing Factory by the 24th May 2014

Entry is accepted with proof of payment to the link at the bottom of this page  &  is non refundable.  

TO ENTER – Purchase below to jump to the checkout where you’ll purchase 1 or more entries. Each entry is for a an entered piece not an individual person or team. To purchase an entry you are agreeing to the Terms & Conditions of the Rock Screen Paper Competition.

Your Entry
Your Name
Name of your poster / artwork

There are no refunds for purchased entries. The organiser reserves the right to change any rule it sees fit in support of the spirit of the competition. The organiser reserves the right of refusal of entry of any participant if he / she is seen to be not acting in the spirit of the competition. Any finalist that wishes to come to the exhibition that is under 18 years of age must be accompanied by a supervising adult.

5]. Email your entry to info (at)

Once we have processed your payment, we will send you an email confirming that we have processed your entry.


Copy and paste the below questions into the body of an emailAnswer ‘yes’ next to the relevant fields and answer all sections with an *asterix.



First Name:*

Family Name:*

Artist Pseudonym:
If pseudonym is supplied, you will only be referred to by your  pseudonym in public materials

Do you agree to the Terms & Conditions ( here ?*: Yes/ No

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If selected as a finalist, do you wish to have your contact details  shared with media so that they may contact you directly?:*  YES / NO



Title of  Artwork:*

Artwork A2 or A3:*

Brief description of your Design and Print:*

The Screen Print was created using:*

– Waterbased Inks:* Yes/No

– Hand operated squeegee:*Yes / No

Screen Print image originated from:*
– Hand drawn image by me
– Hand drawn image by someone else  – I have permission to use it*: Yes/No
– Photograph that I took
– Photograph that someone else took  – I have permission to use it*: Yes /No
– Computer generated by me
– Other (please detail)

3. Attach Your Screen Print image to this email:*

Attach a high resolution image (between 1mb and 3mb – JPG, JPEG or TIFF)

4. Image declaration*

The attached image is a photograph of the finished screen printed poster that I will  exhibit if selected as a finalist:*  YES / NO

5.  You may be required to provide proof of creating the screen print.

Which of the following can you supply if required:

– Images of the films & Screens in creation:
– A backlog of artworks that demonstrate your creative style:


Send your email, including payment reciept and image attachment to info [at]

Contact us here if you have any questions.

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