Rock, Screen, Paper 2

A Rock N’ Roll Print Prize

Calling all designers, illustrators, artists & hand printers – this is the comp for you.

$25 PER ENTRY – and an entry can be done by one person or a collaboration of 2 or more – it’s up to you.

You can see loads of different print examples at the

Ben Brown was an invited illustrator last time as it was an exhibition as opposed to a competition but Ben is big magic in posters and illustration as is Blair Sayer who was also invited. I mention this as these two guys also designed the poster below but also did very different artworks for the exhibition. Blair did a 3 colour piece for an up coming Flaming Lips Tour and Ben did a single colour piece of Johnny Cash and another of Elvis – both of which are not touring due to being dead. So the essence of the conversation is these posters can be whatever you want them to be – one colour or 3 colour – current or not – abstract or real – photographic or vector – gig poster or idea – Buddy Holly to Marilyn Manson.


Just Make it Rock N’ Roll – something you’d want on your wall.








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