Taran*Tee*No Comp

The Taran*Tee*No T-shirt Design Comp & Exhibition is designed to give emerging and established artists and designers a place that will show their ideas in a medium that people dig.

For the people by the people – so to speak!

We’ve done 2 massive exhibitions before this one called Rock Screen Paper – focused on Posters – no wwe want to open it up to more players by doing T-shirts.


Anyone can enter – independents / collaborations …get your Uncle Teds old screens out and steal some ink – You can even hire a screen printer to print your work … there is even a trade section to make sure trade is doing it’s ultra professional thing without infringing on the pure art people.

Judges are looking for cool shirts – NOT technically perfect printing … this is creative … if someone has the art in them we want it on show – show us your style – your ideas – your twist.

Get your work in front of the public / exhibit with known talent / get links and bios on websites / sell a few pieces at the market … this is the true key … we get people discovered – we get people buying your stuff … we get you conversations in a crowd of creatives … and we have beer!


This is the sort of thing we try to do … find great art in great people and put it out there …


Chinese Burns Unit by Glenno

Rock Screen Paper 2 piece ‘Chinese Burns Unit’ by Glenno Smith

Rock Screen Paper 2 piece 'Radio birdman' by Steve Woods

Rock Screen Paper 2 piece ‘Radio birdman’ by Steve Woods

Rock Screen Paper 2 piece by Alex Plota

Rock Screen Paper 2 piece by Alex Plota


Rock Screen Paper 2 piece 'Slash' by PEQUE VRS

‘No need for an introduction’

Anthony Ishinjerro

Rock Screen Paper 2 piece by Anthony Ishinjerro


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