Taran*Tee*Nos’ REVENGE Beer Launch 26th Oct

Young Henrys – lovers of art + fine ales have graciously offered to brew a beer and call it something cool – so we thought Taran*Tee*Nos REVENGE was pretty special. To be sold at the 2 venues as a very very red ale of fine pedigree for a very tasty beverage.

We’re pretty stoked as it’s the ultimate mark of respect in the art world to have alcohol dedicated to your exhibition.

On this day as the opening hours of Henrys pass we will congo line to the Bank Hotel afterparty where we will listen to Tarantino inspired covers played by the Gypsy Dirtbags.

This just keeps getting better.


GET YOUR ENTRIES IN – BE PART OF THIS – IT”S GOING BALLISTIC and there is no end of inspiration from the Pop Culture Director of our time.

Taran-Tee-Nos REVENGE Beer tab


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