The Hundreds – Cut & Sew Story

Cut & Make (CMT) as it’s known around here IS the holy grail of t-shirt makers.

There is a point where you find styles you like from mass manufacturers and then you work on changing the tags and labels to branded and packaging (hanger value) and position your brand through websites and communications and you lift your brand with profile enhancing (in whatever fashion is you) stories.

The next step up from that is to cut and make your own shirts.

This allows you to source your own fabrics / determine your own dye colours and determine your own style of cut. Within that is the feel and behaviour of the fabrics, choices in collars, stitches used, lengths of sleeves, body … everything.

It’s the big time …

This is what allows you to walk back into the market and say that you are a fashion designer or apparel designer as opposed to being a graphic designer that is applying graphics to another persons T-shirt on their chosen colours in their style of cut and make. Now please don’t get me wrong – there are a few brands that do this really really well and catching them on price is almost impossible for people wanting to do small quantities. But the brand value in a well made cut and made shirt is big medicine and is a story worth telling.

Things to watch …. when you are cutting and making your own shirts at approx $15 vrs buying pre-made shirts for $8, you are doubling the cost of your wastage. And it’s alot more work to do. Not for the faint hearted. But if you are serious (as the guys from Bobby Hundreds are in the video above) then it’s all possible.

We are looking at putting together a yardage print & CMT class at Print Edition – The first one will be fantastic value so we can gage what the classes really really want.

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