What is a Gig Poster ????

The UK Gig Poster Association were pointed out me by Elaenor from http://www.kickandscreen.com


We were thinking this was a really straight forward explanation of a gig poster … and is great grist for the mill for anyone planning their Rock Screen Paper 2 Competition piece.

See below taken Directly from the UK Gig Poster Association – http://ukposterart.com/about

Gig Posters
Gig posters, or concert posters, are limited edition prints created by graphic artists to commemorate a particular musical event, gig, or tour. They are often silkscreen printed (screenprinted) and usually signed and numbered, making for unique and collectible pieces of art. Gig posters are different to promotional posters in that the time intensive and limited nature of their production means they are commonly sold as band merchandise, as well as traded and sold by collectors. Some highly sought after gig posters will sell for many times what they were originally bought for. With digital music now an established format, sales of CDs and physical records have lessened. The popularity of gig posters, however, is on the increase, as fans of bands still want something physical to take away from the gig.

“A gig poster serves as a memento of a fan’s experience at a live gig in a way that cannot be downloaded or shared digitally.”

Also from this site a particular guy Nick Scott – here is a video of his and a couple of pieces –








Rock N’ Roll – Don’t Die with the art in you.


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